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How does SQL monitoring work as part of general server monitoring?

By Techopedia Staff | Last updated: July 6, 2020
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Server monitoring works as a general-purpose type of monitoring for these key pieces of hardware. Server monitoring may include looking at network traffic and issues like server availability, as well as server usage of resources like CPU and memory. Other types of server monitoring include tools for observing the deployment or handling of virtual machines in a virtualized network system, service and process monitoring, and even physical server monitoring for metrics like temperature and fan status.

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Within server monitoring, SQL monitoring is the specific analysis of the Structured Query Language (SQL) used to perform so many requests for information from business servers. In SQL monitoring, administrators look at specific wait times, optimization and efficiency for sending and fulfilling SQL requests for information. For example, part of SQL monitoring may include looking at the most "expensive queries" for a system. These most expensive queries would be the types of SQL queries that would require the most system resources, because of the complexity of sifting through the information and returning results.

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