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Dale Janssen


Dale Janssen is a co-founder of Techopedia and has been involved in the technical education training industry since 1989, when he first obtained his Novell Certified Netware Engineer certification. Janssen was the founder and chief executive officer of ExcelNet Ltd., a network consulting and technical training company in Canada, which grew to one of the largest of such companies in Canada before being sold to ExecuTrain. During his time with ExcelNet, he received the prestigious Audrey Award from Novell Inc. as the top training center in North America and personally won one of the top instructor awards from Novell for excellence in technical instruction. Janssen's knowledge of the technical training industry allowed him to build, a site dedicated to certified training, into one of the most popular sites on the Internet for IT professionals. The website was sold to Inc. in November of 1999.

Recently, Janssen has been the CEO of ToolButton Inc., which operates several popular websites including, and He has spent considerable time learning and understanding what users are looking for when it comes to IT-related content online.

Janssen held numerous technical certifications including Master Novell Certified Instructor (MCNI), Master Novell Certified Engineer (MCNE), Novell Certified Internet Professional (CIP), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) and others. In addition, Janssen has earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with distinction from the University of Alberta.

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