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Gabby Dumonceaux

Editorial Intern


Gabby Dumonceaux is a resident editor at Techopedia who combines her understanding of digital marketing, writing technique and content creation to artfully craft articles tailored to tech pros and enthusiasts. She studied public relations at Humber College, where she unearthed a fervent passion for the written word and, specifically, writing for the web. A jack of many trades, her background lies in student- and entrepreneur-focused content strategy—working both to optimize blog engagement at IGNITE Student Union and to ideate startup projects in tech and healthcare at Conexkt: a global innovation studio. When she isn't putting ink to paper (or, more realistically, fingers to keys) you can usually find her neck-deep in data, analyzing trends to make Techopedia an even better place to be.

Articles by Gabby Dumonceaux

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