Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC)

What Does Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) Mean?

A home theater personal computer (HTPC) is an all-in-one entertainment system. This personal computer can be easily integrated with the required hardware. The device is capable of performing all the tasks of a standard personal computer as well as providing audio and video playback, recording and other features supported by common household entertainment equipment.

A home theater personal computer is also known as a home theater PC or a media center computer.


Techopedia Explains Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC)

A home theater personal computer is a pre-configured or custom-built home theater that is similar to a television interface, but is more customizable and performs the functions of a personal computer as well as other entertainment equipment. It commonly incorporates the functions of DVD players, video recorders and audio/video players, and can be connected to cable, satellite or antenna for live TV. A custom remote control can be designed for ease of access. Many assemblers integrate discrete parts of hardware together according to their specifications to design a home theater PC.



Home Theater PC, Media Center Computer

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