Chip-On-Board (COB)

Last updated: December 27, 2016

What Does Chip-On-Board (COB) Mean?

A chip-on-board (COB) is a chip that is mounted directly on a circuit board as opposed to being socketed. This kind of circuit board is also known as a “glop-top” for the blob of protective epoxy that protects and insulates the chip and its connections. All of the chip’s connections are hard-wired.


Techopedia Explains Chip-On-Board (COB)

A chip-on-board is a chip that is wired directly to the motherboard. The chip is usually covered with a coating of epoxy or resin to protect it the way a heatsink does, as well as protecting the chips and wires from damage. This is where the term “glop-top” comes from. It is a cost-effective method of electronic packaging, but the disadvantage is that a chip cannot be replaced without desoldering, the way a socketed chip can. COBs are popular in small circuit boards because they require little physical space the way a heatsink does.




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