Personal Address Book (PAB)

What Does Personal Address Book (PAB) Mean?

Personal Address Book (PAB) was a feature in Microsoft Outlook that allowed users to save their most frequently used contacts or addresses. It was removed from Outlook 2007 and later versions and replaced by Global Address List, Outlook Address Book, LDAP-based Internet directory services and third-party address books.


Techopedia Explains Personal Address Book (PAB)

Personal Address Book was a component of the Personal Folder File in Microsoft Outlook. First introduced in 1996, it allowed users to save their most frequently used contacts. It used the file extension of ".pab".

PAB was a security threat and was widely used for spreading spam. In 2004, a virus named "ILOVEYOU" spread on the Internet through emails via Outlook's address book. This prompted Microsoft to replace Personal Address Book in later versions of Outlook, instead using several other tools in its place.


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