Last updated: June 1, 2015

What Does Wibree Mean?

Wibree is an alternative wireless model originally developed by the Nokia company.

It competes with the common Bluetooth technology as a standard that uses less energy while maintaining similar services.

Wibree is also known as Baby Bluetooth.


Techopedia Explains Wibree

Reporting on the business development of Wibree shows that this project went under many names, starting with research in the early 21st century that used the title "Bluetooth low end extensions." Nokia and other partners announced the project in 2006 with the name Wibree as a brand name. Further business developments led to the rebranding of Wibree as Bluetooth Smart.

Despite the lack of backward compatibility, experts note that the technology formerly known as Wibree is being built into many different kinds of devices and systems, including systems maintained by major tech companies like Apple and Google. It continues to develop as a standard for low-power wireless connections.



Baby Bluetooth

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