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Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI)

Last updated: April 24, 2013

What Does Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI) Mean?

Mobile business intelligence (mobile BI) refers to the ability to provide business and data analytics services to mobile/handheld devices and/or remote users. MBI enables users with limited computing capacity to use and receive the same or similar features, capabilities and processes as those found in a desktop-based business intelligence software solution.

Techopedia Explains Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI)

MBI works much like a standard BI software/solution but it is designed specifically for handheld users. Typically, MBI requires a client end utility to be installed on mobile devices, which remotely/wirelessly connect over the Internet or a mobile network to the primary business intelligence application server. Upon connection, MBI users can perform queries, and request and receive data. Similarly, clientless MBI solutions can be accessed through a cloud server that provides Software as a Service business intelligence (SaaS BI).

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