What Does Bbbonline Mean?

BBBonline is a component of the Better Business Bureau that brings that organization’s power online. Through the BBBonline program, users can evaluate businesses to see whether they stand up to the test of Web legitimacy. This is another valuable service that the Better Business Bureau provides in addition to the work that its offices do with brick-and-mortar stores and enterprises.


Techopedia Explains Bbbonline

There are two parts to the BBBonline evaluation and standards certification program: a BBBonline reliability seal and a BBBonline privacy seal. The BBBonline reliability seal shows that a website has met certain standards for legitimacy and good business online. This involves elements of Web usage such as whether the business has provided truthful and accurate information, and whether terms of sale are properly disclosed, in addition to whether good security is in place on the business's website. The BBBonline privacy seal shows whether “baseline privacy standards” have been applied to the company’s Web operations. Businesses can apply to these certifications through a Web form, although some accredited businesses may be able to skip this process.


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