Vannevar Bush

Last updated: April 26, 2013

What Does Vannevar Bush Mean?

Vannevar Bush was an inventor who is best remembered as the creator of a theoretical machine called Memex. Memex was an early conception of what turned out to be the modern Web that Bush saw it as essential step towards increasing the power of the human mind. He outlined his machine in a 1945 Alantic Monthly article titled “As We May Think.” The article went on to inspire many of the people who contributed to the creation of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Techopedia Explains Vannevar Bush

Bush is credited with influencing Douglas Engelbart, Ted Nelson and many others. Less recognized is Bush’s work in changing government funding for scientific research from a sporadic effort to a systematic arrangement. The funding apparatus that Bush helped shape would eventually bring about the ARPANET project, culminating in the Internet. The Internet, in turn, allowed for the creation of the World Wide Web – something very close to Bush’s original vision.

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