Customer Premises Equipment Device (CPE Device)

Last updated: November 19, 2012

What Does Customer Premises Equipment Device (CPE Device) Mean?

A customer premises equipment device (CPE device) refers to a telecommunications hardware device located on the telecommunication customer's premises. This equipment might include cable or satellite television set-top boxes, DSL or other broadband Internet routers, VoIP base stations, telephone handsets, or other customized hardware. CPE equipment can be owned by the customer or leased from the telecommunications company. CPE also includes the interior wiring at the customer's location that is connected to a communication service.


Techopedia Explains Customer Premises Equipment Device (CPE Device)

CPE devices facilitate the delivery of services provided by the telecommunications company. These devices are frequently modems or routers owned and provided by an Internet service provider (ISP). This arrangement shields the customer from the cost of technology upgrades while providing the ISP with more control over the delivery of the services.


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