Show Control

What Does Show Control Mean?

Show control systems are those that combine various multimedia controllers into one automated system. Companies use these types of systems to administer areas of amusement parks, live shows, sporting events and other public spectacles, by using proprietary software and hardware to streamline the management of audio, video, electronics, lighting, etc.


Techopedia Explains Show Control

One key distinguishing aspect of show control that differentiates it from another type of control, entertainment control, is that that it goes across two or more main features of show management. For example, something that controls an array of graphic screens along with lighting or video, or a soundtrack, would be referred to as "show control."

Many show control tools use something called a MIDI standard for digital sound management. These types of controls can be set up in various ways. They can be embedded in proprietary hardware or run from a personal computer. Some of them are put on PCI cards that can be slotted into a desktop machine. Others are rack mounted like servers. Many of them are built for controlling various types of screens like scoreboards, Jumbotrons and other display screens simultaneously.


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