Virtual Host (vhost)

Last updated: February 22, 2017

What Does Virtual Host (vhost) Mean?

A virtual host is is a type of hosting service provider that focuses on virtual infrastructure solutions, including virtual servers, computers, storage and other hybrid platforms that enable the hosting of data, applications and/or services. It includes all technologies and service models that allow individuals and organizations to source computing infrastructure solutions and services from the Internet.

A virtual host also refers to a device that is remotely accessed by users for the hosting of data or software services.


Techopedia Explains Virtual Host (vhost)

A virtual hosting platform may be shared by different users or dedicated to a website, application or customer. In a shared virtual host platform, a provider’s physical server compute and storage resources are shared by two or more subscribers. Each host is provided with a predefined resource quota, which may be scaled according to provider and infrastructure capability.


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