Category 7 Cable (Cat 7 Cable)

What Does Category 7 Cable (Cat 7 Cable) Mean?

A Category 7 cable (Cat 7 Cable) is a type of shielded twisted pair cable used in high-speed Ethernet based computer networks of 1 Gbps or higher. It is defined and specified in the ISO/IEC 11801:2002, Class F specification. The Cat 7 cable is backward compatible with Cat 6, Cat 5 and Cat 5/e cabling standard and equipments.

A Cat 7 cable is also known as an ISO Class F cable.


Techopedia Explains Category 7 Cable (Cat 7 Cable)

The Cat 7 cable is similar to the Cat 6 cable. Each has the same four-pair of twisted cables that support 10 Gbps Ethernet networks and stretch to 100 meters in length. It can provide a bandwidth speed of 600 MHz.

The Cat 7 cable provides more enhanced performance against crosstalk and attenuation than its previous peers by requiring that each pair be completely shielded and form a screen-shielded twisted pair (SSTP) or screen-foiled twisted pair (SFTP) based cabling. It is used in Gb Ethernet and 10 Gb Ethernet networks.

Moreover, the Cat 7 cable’s overall lifespan is 15 years.



ISO Class F Cable

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