Last updated: December 21, 2016

What Does Autoloader Mean?

Autoloader is a versatile term in IT that can refer to any sort of tool or resource that helps to automatically load or handle data or files.


Techopedia Explains Autoloader

The meaning of autoloader has changed over the years. In legacy systems, the autoloader was commonly known as a robotic mechanism that could automatically load physical tape spools or cartridges.

Today's autoloaders are commonly digital resources and pieces of software that help load stored files in physical or virtual hardware systems. Autoloader tools can be used to load a device's operating system, perform batch activities on files and folders, or otherwise help perform complex IT tasks. One of the most popular uses of an autoloader is in graphic design; Adobe Photoshop, for example, includes a tool specifically named "autoloader" that helps open batches of files for editing in ways that optimize RAM and promote efficiency.


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