Computer-Aided System Engineering Tool (CASE Tool)

What Does Computer-Aided System Engineering Tool (CASE Tool) Mean?

A computer-aided system engineering (CASE) tool is a resource for achieving high-quality and error-free software. Throughout the early years of software design, the tech community developed this term to talk about the idea of using computer programs to help human developers create new systems or applications.


Techopedia Explains Computer-Aided System Engineering Tool (CASE Tool)

The essential idea of CASE tools is that pre-built programs can help to analyze developing systems in order to enhance quality and provide better outcomes. Throughout the 1990s, "CASE tool" became part of the software lexicon, and big companies like IBM were using these kinds of tools to help create software.

CASE tools can be radically different, depending on their interface and analytical methods, and how developers use them to spot problems in transitional projects and software components in development.


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