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Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Last updated: January 4, 2017

What Does Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Mean?

A printed circuit board (PCB) is an electronic circuit used in devices to provide mechanical support and a pathway to its electronic components. It is made by combining different sheets of non-conductive material, such as fiberglass or plastic, that easily holds copper circuitry.

PCB is also known as printed wiring board (PWB) or etched wiring board (EWB).


Techopedia Explains Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

A PCB works on the copper films/assembly/circuit that are placed inside of it to provide a pathway for the flow of current. A PCB can hold various electronic components that may be soldered without using visible wires, which facilitates its use.

PCBs are found in nearly every electronic and computing device, including motherboards, network cards and graphics cards to internal circuitry found in hard/CD-ROM drives.



Printed Wiring Board (PWB), Etched Wiring Board (EWB)

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