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Customer Facing

What Does Customer Facing Mean?

Customer facing refers to the manner in which a business service feature is experienced or seen by a customer. A key customer relationship management (CRM) component, a customer facing solution is designed to deliver satisfying user experiences via all customer touch points. Many customer facing processes and technologies are significant business investment components with a strong influence on revenue generation.


Techopedia Explains Customer Facing

Customer facing services include hardware, software or technology with user interfaces (UI) or applications that directly interact with customers. However, a customer facing system is more than an interface -- it should add value to relationships with customers and is often used as a tool for customer analytics.

Most businesses base customer facing solutions on enterprise applications (EA) that offer integrated Web service capabilities. When done well, a good customer facing app can be a huge cost saver. However, if implemented poorly, such a system can frustrate customers and just add to lines of customers trying to reach a live operator on a help line.


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