Home Networking

What Does Home Networking Mean?

Home networking is the process of interconnecting all of the devices in a home together and with the Internet in general. Home networking is used to establish a home network among the typical computing devices found in homes or for domestic use. It is similar to a standard LAN or WLAN network that is confined within a home/house.


Techopedia Explains Home Networking

Home networking is primarily used to provide Internet connectivity to consumers and devices. These include computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and/or televisions. Generally, home networking can be achieved through the modem device provided by an ISP, which may have support for multiple wired, wireless or both types of connections. All the devices can directly connect to the modem to interconnect with each other and to access the Internet.

In the case of a non-networked modem, a wired or wireless switch is attached. To enforce security, the modem/switch is configured with a user ID/SSID and password, and each connecting device must specify the correct details to gain network/Internet access. Moreover, for advanced services and centralized management, a home server can also be installed within a home network.



Home Network

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