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Privacy Policy

Last updated: December 16, 2013

What Does Privacy Policy Mean?

A privacy policy, in the context of IT, is a document that tells readers how a technology or other product or service will use their personal information. The term privacy policy is now often used in IT because so many IT products and systems gather and use personal information from users in so many different ways.


Techopedia Explains Privacy Policy

A privacy policy can be printed on paper, displayed on a monitor or device screen, or hosted on a website. It will detail the ways in which a company will use various kinds of information about users, which generally includes some combination of demographic data and more personal details. A privacy policy should cover the range of information the user gives to the technology, whether that includes identifiers such as name, social security number or other I.D., financial information, medical information, etc.

Privacy policies have become important parts of e-commerce and other services agreements. They will continue to play a vital role in digital and online business wherever corporations or other parties gather sensitive information.



Privacy Statement

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