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Last updated: January 9, 2013

What Does Web Tone Mean?

Web tone refers to continual access to the Internet. The term is derived from the term dial tone, which refers to the audio tone signaling access to a phone line. But a Web tone is not a sound; it just means a secure connection, along with sufficient bandwidth, to get connected to the Internet with a computer or device.

Techopedia Explains Web Tone

The use of the term Web tone also has implications for the future of telecom technologies. It is often used under the presumption that future telephony and Internet services will continue to merge, actually making tomorrow’s Web tone more similar to a dial tone. A prime example is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), where telephone service traditionally associated with fiber optic lines is delivered through an Internet connection.

Web tone also may be used to talk about the capability of a certain Web connection, in terms of qualifying issues of access, whether for IP addresses, wireless network hardware or other aspects of Web access.




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