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Internet Relay Chat Bot (IRC Bot)

What Does Internet Relay Chat Bot (IRC Bot) Mean?

An Internet relay chat bot (IRC bot) is a type of application that performs automated tasks within an IRC-based chat room or channel. It enables the performance of several channel specific tasks on behalf of the user and usually is configured as a channel operator.

An IRC bot is also known as an automaton.


Techopedia Explains Internet Relay Chat Bot (IRC Bot)

IRC bots are used to maintain the activity of a channel presenting itself as an always connected or available user in a chat room/channel. They are not as interactive as humans but can respond to queries using pre-fed replies defined by the bot developer.

IRC bots are usually created by a chat room/channel administrator and deployed as a separately hosted and independent program. IRC bot operations include activity logging, game hosting, malicious user prevention, access control list maintenance and network management.




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