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Last updated: September 8, 2011

What Does Scheduler Mean?

A scheduler is a software product that allows an enterprise to schedule and track computer batch tasks. These units of work include running a security program or updating software. Job schedulers may also manage the job queue for a computer cluster.

A scheduler is one of the main components of IT infrastructure.

A scheduler may also be known as a job scheduler.


Techopedia Explains Scheduler

A scheduler starts and handles jobs automatically by manipulating a prepared job control language algorithm or through communication with a human user. Today's job schedulers often offer a graphical user interface (GUI) and a single point of control for all tasks in a distributed PC network.

Some attributes that may be found in a job scheduler include:

  • Constant, automatic tracking of jobs and completion notification
  • Event-driven task scheduling
  • Operation monitoring
  • Report scheduling


Job Scheduler

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