Apple Extended Keyboard

What Does Apple Extended Keyboard Mean?

The Apple Extended Keyboard is a computer keyboard which was introduced along with the Macintosh II and Macintosh SE. It is a mechanical keyboard and was sold separately, as Macintosh II and Macintosh SE computers were sold without keyboards. The buyers at that point in time had the choice of purchasing the Apple standard keyboard or the Apple Extended Keyboard, which had more keys and functionalities. The keyboard is considered part of vintage Apple Macintosh setup, and it was succeeded by the Apple Extended Keyboard II.


Techopedia Explains Apple Extended Keyboard

Apple Extended keyboard was the first “full-size” keyboard manufactured by Apple. It had a navigation cluster and inverted-T arrow keys and function keys. Compared to current keyboards, the Apple Extended keyboard has a large size (width and height). Being a mechanical keyboard, it has mechanical key switches. The keyboard is well known for its tactility, durability and sound. The keyboard made the keys pop back up faster than the rubber bubble in membrane-based keyboards. Another feature for this keyboard is the large spacing found between keys, particularly on the top function keys and others.

For Apple Macintosh buyers, the Apple Extended Keyboard was more costly than the Apple standard keyboard option. That keyboard lacked the height adjustment, which was a feature introduced in its successor. Many enthusiasts still use the Apple Extended Keyboard with the help of an Apple desktop bus-to-USB converter.


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