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Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP)

What Does Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP) Mean?

Information system security engineering professional (ISSEP) is a vendor-neutral certification program that certifies an individual’s ability in designing, creating and implementing security within applications, services and information systems.

It is offered by Information Security Consortium (ISC2) as part of their Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP).


Techopedia Explains Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP)

ISSEP is primarily a concentration certification of CISSP designed for those individuals working on enhancing their skills in security engineering. An ISSEP certification is ideally suited for security engineers, security analysts, information assurance analysts and security application developers. To qualify for the ISSEP certification exam, the candidate must have passed and be a certified CISSP. The ISSEP exam validates candidate’s skills in:

  • The understanding of relationship between systems and security engineering

  • Indentifying information protection needs

  • Define security requirements, design security architecture and develop a security design

  • Implementation of system security


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