Cloud Operating System (Cloud OS)

What Does Cloud Operating System (Cloud OS) Mean?

A cloud operating system is a type of operating system designed to operate within cloud computing and virtualization environments. A cloud operating system manages the operation, execution and processes of virtual machines, virtual servers and virtual infrastructure, as well as the back-end hardware and software resources.

A cloud operating system may also be called a virtual operating system.

Techopedia Explains Cloud Operating System (Cloud OS)

A cloud operating system primarily manages the operation of one or more virtual machines within a virtualized environment. Depending on the virtual environment and cloud services in use, the functionality of cloud operating systems varies.

For example, a cloud operating system developed to be used within a computing-specific environment will manage the processes and threads of a single or cluster of virtual machines and servers. Similarly, a light-end cloud OS might provide end users with pre-installed applications and services, accessed through an Internet browser.

Microsoft Windows Azure and Google Chrome OS are among current examples of cloud operating systems.


Virtual Operating System

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