Star Wars Kid

Last updated: April 26, 2013

What Does Star Wars Kid Mean?

The Star Wars Kid is a viral video of a teenaged Canadian boy re-enacting a scene from “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” using a golf ball retriever as a lightsaber accompanied by his rigorous movements with muffled sound effects. Ghyslain Raza is the creator and actor of the video and he never intended to distribute it though. However, his classmates found the video and circulated it online through email and Internet forums. It became a viral Internet meme that estimatedly reached more than 1 billion views since it was released in 2002.

Techopedia Explains Star Wars Kid

The video was spoofed many times, and new versions were created in which the original video was modified to include a lit-up lightsaber and realistic “Star Wars” sound effects. Despite the notoriety Raza received from the video, news outlets reported that the attention was unwanted which forced the boy to withdraw from school for a period of time so that he could recover. His parents also sued the classmates who posted the video for CA$250,000, but eventually settled out of court.In 2010, Mashable reported that Raza was a law student at Montreal’s McGill University.

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