Last updated: June 9, 2017

What Does RedFang Mean?

RedFang is a Linux-based tool made to find Bluetooth devices in undiscoverable mode. The technology is attributed to Ollie Whitehouse and a small tech enterprise called @stake. It was originally developed as a "proof-of-concept" research resource, and is now a common part of many Bluetooth tutorials on security.


Techopedia Explains RedFang

RedFang uses a method called brute force to discover previously unknown Bluetooth locations. Experts describe this as a process of forcing an identification by using specific characters in a naming convention for devices. According to its developers, RedFang asks for a device’s name, finds the MAC address for the device, and thus exposes the Bluetooth location where it exists, even if it is hidden.

In terms of its code, RedFang uses repetitive algorithms to search a particular space or area. Loops and if/then structures contribute to the program’s ability to perform a thorough search for targeted devices.


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