Click Tracking

Last updated: August 28, 2012

What Does Click Tracking Mean?

Click tracking is a technique used to determine and record what computer users are clicking with their mouse while browsing the Web. The clicking action is then sent and logged by the client, Web browser or server while the computer user continues to explore and click around the ad application or Web page. This method is quite useful for determining the effectiveness and productivity of market research and software testing, among other things.

Click tracking is also known as click stream.


Techopedia Explains Click Tracking

Click tracking produces a click stream in a chain of page requests and with every page, a signal is generated. These signals are then gathered and this gives the webmasters an idea as to what the users are exploring or clicking within a website. With the continuing advancement of this technique, concerns about user privacy arise because several Internet service providers have opted to sell users' click stream data. Although this data may not directly identify individual computer users, it may be possible to indirectly recognize users according to their click patterns.


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