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Mobile Customer Relationship Management (Mobile CRM)

Last updated: January 23, 2017

What Does Mobile Customer Relationship Management (Mobile CRM) Mean?

Mobile customer relationship management (mobile CRM) is a type of customer relationship management application designed to be executed, operated and accessed through mobile platforms.

Mobile CRM enables organizations to add, edit and manage their interaction and relationships with current or prospective customers through mobile applications on handheld mobile devices, PDAs and tablet PCs.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Customer Relationship Management (Mobile CRM)

Mobile CRM is typically designed for users such as sales or marketing personnel who often require remote access to the organization’s core CRM application. Mobile CRM can be an extension of the in-house deployed CRM, accessed using a thin client application over a secure VPN connection, or a cloud CRM accessed through a mobile Web browser.

Depending on the vendor/developer, mobile CRM may provide the same functionality and services as a desktop or typical CRM without the need for prior installation besides a thin client mobile application for accessing the organization’s primary CRM server.


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