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Logic Model

Last updated: May 2, 2017

What Does Logic Model Mean?

A logic model is a graphical depiction of processes used to communicate and describe a program's underlying theory, assumptions or reasoning related to specific and expected activity results or solutions. A logic model is graphically depicted through a narrative, diagram, flow sheet or other similar schema that illustrates a program's process and contextual relationships.


Techopedia Explains Logic Model

A logic model visually describes a systems approach to communicating the path toward a desired outcome via a cause and effect relationship sequence. Critical performance measures may be identified after a program is described according to its logic model.

Logic model schemas are geared toward breaking down each link in a chain of reasoning about "what causes what," as each link relates to a desired outcome, which is usually the last link in the model.

A logic model is useful because it describes an initiative's importance and potential results while projecting the actions required to to achieve a desired goal. In addition, it is the key factor used to determine whether or not planned actions will lead to desired results and outcomes.

Examples include:

  • Diagram of boxes with connecting lines viewed from left to right or top to bottom
  • Circular loops with arrows that go in or out
  • Other visual metaphors and devices

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