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Consumer to Business to Consumer (C2B2C)

What Does Consumer to Business to Consumer (C2B2C) Mean?

Consumer to business to consumer (C2B2C) is a business model that is commonly associated with e-commerce transactions. In C2B2L, a business acts as an intermediary between two consumers who exchange goods. This exchange is a business transaction in which one of the individuals acts as a seller and the other acts as a buyer.

C2B2C is a common model online, where many sites provide a platform over which two parties can conduct business with each other.


Techopedia Explains Consumer to Business to Consumer (C2B2C)

An example of a consumer to business to consumer business model would be a service like eBay. When using eBay, a seller puts up an item to be bid on and the winning bidder purchases it from the seller. This person is an eBay customer, as is the seller. eBay acts as the intermediary between the two parties, while one sells the good to the other for a cost. eBay takes a cut.

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