Last updated: January 21, 2013

What Does CloudStack Mean?

CloudStack is an open source resource for implementing cloud services. CloudStack uses existing hypervisors to facilitate cloud handling. Products like CloudStack are known as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions that deliver a certain infrastructure or method as a hosted service. CloudStack helps developers create multi-tenant, versatile cloud services and scale cloud projects.


Techopedia Explains CloudStack

CloudStack supports the use of multiple hypervisors and facilitates the collection of various hardware pieces into a single virtual portal. With a user friendly Web interface that displays elements of this cloud-enabling design, CloudStack is sometimes called "do-it-yourself" cloud software because it helps users customize cloud solutions.

CloudStack was once owned by, which released most of the program as freeware. Later, CloudStack was acquired by Citrix, which then donated CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation.



Apache Cloudstack

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