Business Process Analysis (BPA)

Last updated: March 30, 2017

What Does Business Process Analysis (BPA) Mean?

Business process analysis (BPA) is the analysis of various business operations classified into processes, or series' of related tasks, where observation revolves around the specific ways in which these processes happen along a life cycle from beginning to end. Because a business process consists of a series of related tasks or events with a particular end objective, business process analysis uses various tools and methodologies to look at these processes in a variety of ways, and to monitor efficiency, productivity and more.


Techopedia Explains Business Process Analysis (BPA)

There are various kinds of business process analysis tools used in IT. These types of software products and services help business leaders to analyze processes in different ways, such as through diagramming, flow charts, advanced visual interfaces, analysis for performance and scalability, benchmarking and other methods. Tools often include various features connected to an overall interface that shows users more about how a business process gets done. With these resources in hand, human decision-makers can make more accurate and informed choices about how to maintain these business processes in future operations.


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