Knowledgebase Software

What Does Knowledgebase Software Mean?

Knowledgebase software is software that enables creating, publishing and maintaining a database used for knowledge sharing, known as a knowledge base.

It enables the creation of a knowledge base that is integrated with the skills, knowledge, experience and/or functionality of a specific business domain, service or product.

Knowledgebase software is also known as knowledge management software or a knowledge management system.


Techopedia Explains Knowledgebase Software

Knowledgebase software is generally used to create a product/service information portal that provides quick and straightforward answers to user questions and queries. They are usually used by domain or product experts to integrate their skills or knowledge in an easy-to-use and structured form.

The architecture and operation of knowledgebase software is different from a database management system (DBMS) and other data storage and management software. It enables storing data in a structured format rather than a tabular form as in databases. Knowledgebase software distributes and manages information on user queries.



Knowledge Management System, Knowledge Management Software

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