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Network Performance

Last updated: April 8, 2015

What Does Network Performance Mean?

Network performance is the analysis and review of collective network statistics, to define the quality of services offered by the underlying computer network.

It is a qualitative and quantitative process that measures and defines the performance level of a given network. It guides a network administrator in the review, measure and improvement of network services.


Techopedia Explains Network Performance

Network performance is primarily measured from an end-user perspective (i.e. quality of network services delivered to the user). Broadly, network performance is measured by reviewing the statistics and metrics from the following network components:

  • Network bandwidth or capacity - Available data transfer
  • Network throughput - Amount of data successfully transferred over the network in a given time
  • Network delay, latency and jittering - Any network issue causing packet transfer to be slower than usual
  • Data loss and network errors - Packets dropped or lost in transmission and delivery

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