Store-and-Forward Voice

What Does Store-and-Forward Voice Mean?

Store-and-forward voice is an electronic system that is responsible for converting, storing and forwarding a digital audio signal. This technology is widely used in voicemails and other types of voice messages. The human voice is converted from an analog to digital signal, stored in the memory of a computer, sent to the designated mailbox and retrieved by the user when needed.

Store-and-forward voice is also known as voice store and forward.


Techopedia Explains Store-and-Forward Voice

Store-and-forward voice is a processor-controlled technology used in saving and dispatching audio data. It is based on the technique of converting an analog auditory signal into digital form for storage in the computer memory as a computerized signal. Recorded voice can be stored for nearly any length of time, which is important because digital data can be stored and transmitted easily without any loss of data. The voice signal is then dispatched to its designated mailbox for the user to access. The voice message is stored until the user retrieves it. This technology can be used in the case of a transmission delay.



Voice Store and Forward

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