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I Am Not A Medical Doctor (IANAMD)

What Does I Am Not A Medical Doctor (IANAMD) Mean?

The phrase “I am not a medical doctor,” abbreviated IANAMD, is fairly common in computer and Internet chat slang. Like many other types of abbreviations, this one was developed primarily to ease the burden of typing out the entire phrase on a keypad, a touchscreen or a traditional keyboard.


Techopedia Explains I Am Not A Medical Doctor (IANAMD)

Most commonly, users will utilize the abbreviation IANAMD as a disclaimer before giving some piece of unsolicited medical advice. For example, one might see something like – “IANAMD, but you really ought to get that examined.” IANAMD is similar to others like IANAQP or “I am not a qualified practitioner.” and IANAL, an abbreviation for “I am not a lawyer.”


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