What Does Cheezburger Mean?

The word “cheezburger,” misspelled with a “z”, is based on the idea that cats, if they could write to humans, would have a primitive control of the English language, and would misspell most words. This kind of language has been called “lolspeak” after the phenomenon of “lolcatz” hit the Internet in the mid-2000s.


Techopedia Explains Cheezburger

The emergence of “lolspeak” and “cheezburger” can be traced to “I Can Haz Cheezburger,” a site set up in 2007. Content from the site has gone viral across the Internet and generated very popular memes, to much fanfare, with merchandise such as print books, T-shirts and plush toys. Over time, “lolcatz” became a prominent part of the Internet's visual and comedic landscape. The site's founders have compiled thousands of pictures with cute phrases that stemmed from the central premise of cats misspelling words in their communications with humans. Certain types of similar memes include “basement cat,” “ceiling cat,” “I see what you did there” and others.


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