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Strong Artificial Intelligence (Strong AI)

Last updated: May 13, 2020

What Does Strong Artificial Intelligence (Strong AI) Mean?

Strong artificial intelligence (strong AI) is an artificial intelligence construct that has mental capabilities and functions that mimic the human brain. In the philosophy of strong AI, there is no essential difference between the piece of software, which is the AI, exactly emulating the actions of the human brain, and actions of a human being, including its power of understanding and even its consciousness.

Strong artificial intelligence is also known as full AI.


Techopedia Explains Strong Artificial Intelligence (Strong AI)

Strong artificial intelligence is more of a philosophy rather than an actual approach to creating AI. It is a different perception of AI wherein it equates AI to humans. It stipulates that a computer can be programmed to actually be a human mind, to be intelligent in every sense of the word, to have perception, beliefs and have other cognitive states that are normally only ascribed to humans.

However, since humans cannot even properly define what intelligence is, it is very difficult to give a clear criterion as to what would count as a success in the development of strong artificial intelligence. Weak AI, on the other hand, is very achievable because of how it stipulates what intelligence is. Rather than try to fully emulate a human mind, weak AI focuses on developing intelligence concerned with a particular task or field of study. That is a set of activities that can be broken down into smaller processes and therefore can be achieved in the scale that is set for it.



Full Artificial Intelligence, Full AI

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