Cornea Gumbo

Last updated: August 25, 2016

What Does Cornea Gumbo Mean?

Cornea gumbo is a term in IT for an overly flashy, garish, overstuffed or overstimulating Web page or site. Cornea gumbo pages are a mass of color, shape, image and video that confuses the user.


Techopedia Explains Cornea Gumbo

Features that may add to cornea gumbo include colorful banner ads or sidebars, top-level image shifting tools, splash videos, pop-ups and jumbled text and graphic design elements of many different colors. The idea is that all of this confuses the eye, and makes it hard for the user to interact with the page. To counter the cornea gumbo effect, Web designers may explore using consistent color schemes, paying attention to minimalism on the page, spreading out items like banner ads and third-party videos, and generally making sure that the user’s eye has a comfortable and easy path to track as the user goes down the page.


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