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Jeff K.

What Does Jeff K. Mean?

In IT slang, Jeff K. is an imaginary user who illustrates some of the naïve and strange things that less advanced users or “noobs” have a tendency to do. Like other types of made-up characters such as B1FF, Jeff K. only exists in the minds of hackers and IT professionals, and those with an interest in technology and user communities.


Techopedia Explains Jeff K.

Jeff K. is a 16-year-old user who does not know much about advanced technology. However, he imagines himself to be a hacker and pens many misspelled commentaries about computers and software. On Jeff K.'s Hardwear (sic) Forum, for example, Jeff K. describes hardware, weighs in on “motherbords,” and critiques different kinds of software products.

The creation of Jeff K. is attributed to Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka, who maintains humorous imaginary postings from the alter ego on his website, “Something Awful.”


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