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Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Last updated: March 11, 2019

What Does Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Mean?

Artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) is a broad term for applying artificial intelligence to the internet of things (IoT), a new phenomenon that represents many simple digital connections between hardware devices. The internet of things is comprised of billions of small connected devices, including traditional devices and appliances networked together and communicating over internet protocols. Adding AI to IoT brings its own system of challenges and potential solutions.


Techopedia Explains Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Artificial intelligence of things represents technologies that are built into the IoT to make it smart. AI can add value in helping IoT achieve machine learning goals or in using key data for signaling or developing insights. Where data analysis on the internet of things is automated, it constitutes artificial intelligence of things. Companies and other parties are talking about artificial intelligence of things when they talk about efforts to broaden what users can do over the internet of things or how technologies can utilize the internet of things to function.


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