Random Access Memory Latency (RAM Latency)

What Does Random Access Memory Latency (RAM Latency) Mean?

Random access memory latency (RAM latency) refers to the delay that occurs in data transmission as data moves between computer RAM and the processor. RAM latency describes the amount of time it takes for the processor to retrieve data that is present somewhere in the RAM. It takes more time to fetch data from RAM than it takes to retrieve it from cache memory.

Techopedia Explains Random Access Memory Latency (RAM Latency)

RAM latency is measured in terms of memory bus clock cycles; the fewer clock cycles, the lower the latency. RAM latency can be manually adjusted using lower latency settings, although most computers will automatically set it. Speeding up memory isn't necessary for most users, but may be helpful for those who routinely overclock their systems, such as gamers.


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