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Modification (Mod)

Last updated: February 2, 2017

What Does Modification (Mod) Mean?

In gaming, modification (mod) refers to the process of editing or changing the structure, syntax or code of a game.

Modification is performed to change the operations of a game in par with the requirements, environment, or end result or experience.


Techopedia Explains Modification (Mod)

Modification is performed to allow a gamer to play a game different from its original released version. It is generally performed by end users or developers, and the modded version is considered as an unofficial version of the game.

Typically, when a modification is applied to a game, the user or gamer can have better weapons, more game money, different background textures, stronger character health and any other characteristics specific to a game.

Modification can be partial or total, or it may be used only to fix some bugs.


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