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Disk Drive

Last updated: November 11, 2016

What Does Disk Drive Mean?

A disk drive is a technology that enables the reading, writing, deleting and modifying of data on a computer storage disk. It is either a built-in or external component of a disk that manages the disk's input/output (I/O) operations.

A disk partition in a hard disk is also known as a disk drive, such as drive C and drive D, etc.


Techopedia Explains Disk Drive

A disk drive is one of the most important computer components that helps users store and retrieve data from a disk. The nature and type of disk drive vary on par with the underlying disk.

For example, a hard disk, which is known as a hard disk drive (HDD), is generally embedded within the disk itself. For floppy disks, an external component is installed within a computer and performs read/write (R/W) operations when a floppy disk is inserted.




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