Communications Satellite

Last updated: January 23, 2017

What Does Communications Satellite Mean?

A communications satellite is a type of artificial satellite that is placed in Earth’s orbit for the purpose of sending and receiving communication data between a source and destination. It is used to provide data communication and relaying services for televisions, radio, telecommunication, weather and Internet services.


Techopedia Explains Communications Satellite

A communications satellite is a wireless communication device in Earth’s orbit that uses a transponder to send and receive data from Earth. It is primarily used to redirect communication data from one Earth-based communication station to another station. Typically, a communications satellite works when it receives data from terrestrial stations in the form of electromagnetic waves. The data is usually sent via large satellite dishes. Based on the intended destination, the communications satellite redirects the waves to the corresponding station.

Communications satellites are vital for remote areas that do not have access to traditional landlines for telephone or Internet services.


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