Course Management System (CMS)

Last updated: August 18, 2011

What Does Course Management System (CMS) Mean?

A course management system is a set of tools that enables the instructor to create online course content and post it on the Web without having to handle HTML or other programming languages.


Techopedia Explains Course Management System (CMS)

Course management systems have become an integral part of the higher education system. They make teaching and course management easier by providing a framework and set of tools for instructors. The administrative aspects of such systems may include class rosters and the ability to record students' grades. With respect to the teaching aspects, however, it could include learning objects, class exercises, quizzes and tests. The CMS may also include tools for real-time chat, or asynchronous bulletin board type communications. The CMS tool also focuses on all aspects of teaching, learning and teacher-student interaction.

Some of the major players in the CMS field include WebCT and Blackboard. Some U.S institutions have developed open source projects such as CourseWorks, CHEF and Stellar. Some colleges also develop their own small-scale course management systems.


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