Two-Way Communication

Last updated: July 26, 2016

What Does Two-Way Communication Mean?

Two-way communication is a general term in IT used for messaging systems in which two parties transmit information to each other. The idea of two-way communication has changed with major advances in communication and messaging technologies.


Techopedia Explains Two-Way Communication

Some forms of two-way communication are text based, whereas others are audio or voice based. For example, telephone conversations and video IP connections are two-way communications, but so are instant messaging and computer chat rooms, as well as older analog technologies like CB or ham radio.

In addition, forms of two-way communication vary based on the scope of their abilities. A videoconferencing format is a much fuller type of two-way communication than an instant message or chat because, instead of reading text, the receiver gets a real-time video view of the sender, as well as full audio.

The premise of two-way communication is one of the fundamental design concepts that engineers consider when creating and updating technologies. Although the underlying idea is fairly simple, the ways that technologies accomplish two-way communication can be much more complex, for example, in the sending and receiving of various streams of data packets through networks.


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