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The cloud and cloud computing have become a major buzzword in the past few years. But what is cloud computing? What are the benefits of cloud computing? This section provides the answers to those questions and more. Here you'll find information on cloud computing basics, cloud computing vendors, cloud computing infrastructure, the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing, and more.
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By: Chad Hodges | Executive Vice President at Enterprise Networking Solutions

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With public and hybrid cloud, not only does IT become elastic, but costs become elastic as well, with organizations paying by the minute or second...

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Today's work environment requires access from anywhere and across devices. This eBook digs into the basics of identity management for IT departments.
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Remote work demands have made identity management more important than ever. This guide will cover how to get started with identity and security planning.
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Learn why business is consumed by the cloud today as well as the potential payoff of delving into this new architecture. Plus, discover eight things that every CIO must...

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